Clifford R. Kettemborough, Ph.D., D.B.A.

Technology, Engineering and Business Executive

Success Stories (4)

During his over 30 years span of professional IT and Engineering career with large, reputable, brand name organizations, last 20+ years in (senior) management positions, 3 times at the director level, through his hard work, dedication, talents and creatifivity, Cliff had numerous contributions, achievements, and accomplishments to those organizations' projects success.  Those numerous success stories are described in the attached document in a Q&A format.  The following are the list of questions: (1, 2, 3, 4)

Do you have any prior knowledge of call center operations/functions, scripting tools?

This job will require you to develop and maintain standard project documentation such as project plans, agendas action item lists and business rules & requirements.  Please tell me about a recent project where you are had to develop business requirements and rules.

Have you ever written a UAT guide? 

How many projects have you worked on at one time?

Have you worked with Jacada and

What are your salary requirements?

Tell us about additional skills you possess that would make you a key candidate for this role.

Do you have any experience using Pega?

Do you have any experience with vendor management or building relationships with partners?

How have you driven change in your last role?

What is the difference between a business rule & a business requirement?

How would your current / past coworkers define you as an employee?

Please describe your experience managing deployment of products across a matrixed organization.

Please describe your experience orchestrating the movement of code from production into deployment.

Please describe a recent release/deployment you were involved in.  What was your role?  Did you encounter and challenges?  If so, what were they and how did you deal with them?

How do you measure the effectiveness of a release/deployment?  Please describe with a recent example.

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