Clifford R. Kettemborough, Ph.D., D.B.A.

Technology, Engineering and Business Executive

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During his over 30 years span of professional IT and Engineering career with large, reputable, brand name organizations, last 20+ years in (senior) management positions, 3 times at the director level, through his hard work, dedication, talents and creatifivity, Cliff had numerous contributions, achievements, and accomplishments to those organizations' projects success.  Those numerous success stories are described in the attached document in a Q&A format.  The following are the list of questions: (1, 2, 3, 4)

Please provide examples of large scale (business and technology) integration projects that you managed/led.

Please describe a situation where you needed to use broad expertise or unique project management knowledge to contribute to the development of a company’s objectives and principles to achieve expressed goals in creative and effective ways.

In your own words, please describe the project management methods or techniques you have used, in each phase of the project lifecycle, to manage your work efforts. Be sure to describe why those methods/techniques were valuable in the management of your projects. 

Describe a situation where you noticed there was room for improving a process.

Describe your success as a change agent and innovator in your current or previous organizations. Please share a couple of examples and how your efforts benefited the organization.

Describe your experience as a leading IT staff at all levels of skill, including operations staff, technicians and analysts. Please describe your most difficult challenge in developing staff capabilities and how you addressed that challenge.

Please describe your experience in providing support for large meetings and special events for your employer. Describe the technology provided, and your method of planning and/or executing the event(s).

Tell me about a significant turnaround project in your career. Why is this especially significant to you?

Tell me about the policy and procedures that you have put into place in your current role or previous position.

When was the last time that you developed a Disaster Recovery Plan?  Tell me about what you put into place.

What is the extent of your experience with SOX, IT governance and risk management within your IT organization?

Tell me about a challenging situation with an employee and how you resolved it.

Specific leadership roles you held within the project group?

Size, type, disciplines of teams you have lead/managed?

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